Sun 31 Jul 2022 09:04

What a weekend! We hope you all enjoyed the 2nd Annual London Pride 7s tournament as much as we did!

Thank you to The London Stags for being the best co-hosts we could ask for. Thank you to everyone in every meeting, committee and WhatsApp group who helped to organise. Thank you to all those who turned up before, during and afterwards to referee, cook, serve, decorate, carry, clean and assist with every task. It wasn’t easy to make this happen - but it was definitely worth it! Big cheers to the gorgeous  Rosie Zinfandel for providing the evenings entertainment.

It was our absolute pleasure to welcome Worcester Saxon, Worcester RFC, Kings Cross Steelers, Brighton & Hove Serpents, The Ruckus Barbarians, and our tournament winners Old Hamptonians!

Hope to see you again for the 3rd annual pride 7s next year!

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